Alaska Jobs and Seasonal Hiring

Many of the Alaska industries are peaking in summer, including salmon fishing, seafood and salmon processing, hospitality, all kinds of production etc. Many businesses use seasonal staffing and hire students for entry level Alaska jobs; and many students, including international exchange students, come to Alaska and become part of the fishing industry, attracted by earning potential, enriching environment, and plenty of learning.

When using seasonal employment opportunities, we suggest that you go international and make your business benefit by partnering with We have been helping Alaska-based companies with seasonal hiring for quite a while, handling the entire procedure from selecting applicants to paperwork.

You as an employer don't pay anything, it's we at who deliver seasonal employment solutions hiring exchange students under the Work And Travel USA program and the J1 visa which allows international students legally work in USA for 4 months. Summer season applicants can be employed from May/June to September/October. Below we have built a list of positions in Alaskan industries typically filled with seasonal staff in summer.

Entry level job positions for summer jobs in Alaska

Alaskan businesses have been trusting us their seasonal employment processes for years. With this experience, we have assembled a list of entry level jobs typically fulfilled by international exchange students:

What happens when you use seasonal employment for your Alaskan business?

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