J-1 Visa

Though partnering with Jobofer.org to cover your seasonal employment needs means you don't have to worry about any paperwork involved, there is something you may want to know about the entire process. International students who fill seasonal positions in US businesses all across the country participate in The Work and Travel USA program which was started by the government to promote intercultural communication and increase understanding between nations. Legally, the exchange students receive a document known as the J1 Visa.

We at Jobofer.org want you to benefit from seasonal staffing solutions, not worry about documents or anything else. This is why we build a list of essential facts that will help you understand what the J1 Visa is about, what it enables a person to do, and other necessary details. Feel free to ask our staff once you want to know anything about the J1 Visa not given here.

What is the J1 Visa?

The J1 Visa is a nonimmigrant visa issued to the participants of Summer Work/Travel program which welcomes international students to work in the US during summer months learning about the country and promoting cultural exchange. This visa enables the students to enter the USA and work there for 4 months maximum during their summer vacations. The visa can be obtained only with the help of accredited organizations which run exchange programs accredited by the US Department of State.

Who is entitled to obtain a J1 Visa?

Most typically, the J1 Visa is issued to full time students who enter the exchange program indicating they intend to stay in the US only for a limited period of time, have enough funds to cover their expenses, and that there are significant ties binding them to their home country.

What does the J1 Visa allow a person to do?

Under the J1 Visa, a person can legally enter the US for a limited period of time, work for 4 months during the summer vacations. The time of stay is limited by the duration of the exchange program the students belong to. After the program finishes, international exchange students have a 30-day grace period during which they can't work and are only allowed to make arrangements for their departure. If this is a multiple entry visa, it enables a person to leave and re-enter the US during their time in the States.

What is SEVIS and DS-2019?

These two abbreviations are normally associated with the J1 Visa. SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) is a system for monitoring international exchange students as they participate in their exchange programs. It requires the participants to indicate their addresses, confirm the program dates and other information.

The DS-2019 form is the document given to the program participants after they complete their application and are accepted in the program. It is a necessary document for obtaining the J1 Visa, and it proves that the participant has been sponsored by a corresponding international organization for his or her visa. This document is obtained before applying for the visa, and it is required that the visa and the DS-2019 form are kept together at all times.

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