Hire J-1 Visa Work & Travel USA students

Are you a business based in the US with a need for entry-level seasonal employees from May/June to September/October (Summer program) or March/April to July (Spring program) of 2015 or November/December to March (Winter program) of 2014/2015? You can benefit from covering your seasonal staffing needs by hiring hard-working international students with a J1 Visa who speak English and are willing to work in the States.

Exchange students from more than 15 countries worldwide (among which Russia, China, Turkey, Mongolia, Ukraine, Serbia, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil etc) coming to USA under The Work and Travel USA Program are fully authorized to work by the US Government. Fully qualified, tested and covered by medical insurance, these foreign workers will match the needs of your business during the busy season just perfectly!

We have been helping American enterprises to hire motivated, eager workers from abroad under The Work and Travel USA Program since 2003. You don't have to pay anything. You just let us know about your seasonal staffing needs and choose whom to hire. We do the rest, selecting appropriate candidates, sending you their applications and settling everything. Register now to find out more about seasonal staffing and benefit from it!

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Summer Work Travel 2012 - 2013 Season Program Dates by Country

Summer Work Travel 2012 - 2013 Season Program Dates by Country. The program dates are windows of opportunity for program participation. Within this timeframe, students are still subject to their university's official academic break schedule. Read more.

Special Personnel for Special Game

One of our key specializations is providing American Golf Clubs with seasonal personnel. Students with J1 Visa participating in Work and Travel Program have proven they are best workers for Golf Clubs. Young and well-educated, they show their diligence and responsibility. You can rely on seasonal staff in such works as Golf course maintenance, assisting players, car hosting, room services, meal services, Golf shop sales and many other duties. Students from 15 countries are between 18 and 28 and they already have positive characteristics from our partners. Read more.

Want to find out whether your business can use foreign seasonal employees?

Interested but not sure where to start? Let Jobofer.org handle your seasonal staffing processes! Feel free to browse the sections of our site in case you have any questions about The Work and Travel USA Program, the J1 Visa, or anything else concerning hiring foreign students. Read more.

J1 visa issuance condition in Russia and Ukraine in 2011

In view of economical state and high unemployment in the USA, American government has taken several decisions with a purpose to reduce the amount of J1 visa students who participate in Work and Travel USA program. Read more.

The USA National Parks: popular vacation destinations

National parks are cultural symbols of the United States. Moreover, they embody its spirit. Parents take their children there to see sights representing ideals and values of the country. These areas are protected by state for their outstanding ecosystems, flora and fauna, and cultural importance for the nation. Read more.

Amusement areas in summer – the secret of Water Parks’ popularity

Rising temperature outside is not only one reason why water parks are visited so often. Since first water attractions in 1940 they have greatly grown both in popularity and variety, not to mention their number. Up-to-date water park is a large amusement park with different waterplay areas, such as splash pads, lazy rivers, water slides, spraygrounds. Read more.

Overseas Seasonal Workers in the Beach Services Sector

The beach services sector faces an annual demand for seasonal workers to fill thousands of beach job positions for the peak season. Companies look for efficient and easy-going personality types that are helpful in direct guest interaction and are physically strong to work long hours outdoors. Read more.
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