Overseas Seasonal Workers in the Beach Services Sector

The beach services sector faces an annual demand for seasonal workers to fill thousands of beach job positions for the peak season. Companies look for efficient and easy-going personality types that are helpful in direct guest interaction and are physically strong to work long hours outdoors.

Job-Specific Skills to Provide Beach Services

Acquiring job-specific skills is essential for seasonal workers to provide quality beach services.

Lifeguards maintaining public safety and monitoring water activities should be watchful to immediately respond to emergencies and provide first aid to unlucky swimmers. This type of the beach job requires excellent lifesaving and swimming skills, so hiring energetic and able-bodied young people is crucial. The same is true for

Security beach staff members who are responsible for the safety of beach guests and are in charge of the beach facilities.

Beach attendants are engaged in customer assistance and maintenance of the beach area. They have to both be good physical laborers to do the delivery of parasols and lounge chairs and possess a positive, outgoing and amiable nature to attend to the guests’ needs.

Food and beverages services require seasonal workers who are in shape enough to take orders and serve food in a quick manner for hours on end.

Overseas Students to Successfully Fill Beach Job Positions

Thousands of non-US students participating in the J-1 Visa summer employment program opt for working vacations in the beach services sector. It has become a cost-effective solution for many US-based companies to hire young people from overseas to work seasonally. They are fast to develop job-specific skills and have proved diligent and enthusiastic employees.

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