Two most important factors ensuring success of concession business

Concessions business opportunities

Concession business is unique in some way. Firstly, the owner needs no much money to start his business. Secondly, he is rather independent to build his income as large as he wishes. And at last, this job is an ideal chance to make money in summer for those who have the other interests during slow months.

Food and game concessions are everywhere. Visiting Traveling Carnivals, Zoos, Fairs and Theme Parks, you will always find mobile fast food and game concessions there. As there are plenty of different carnivals and fairs including agricultural fairs in summer and autumn, food and game concession business depending on them operates from May till October. Most concessionaires travel from one city to another. They spend about a week in each city and usually travel with carnivals. They are also invited by cities celebrating any holidays or holding fairs. At the average, concessionaires travel about 1 -3 states. Mobile food service and game concessions have plenty of opportunities. But, it is necessary to remember two most important factors ensuring success of concession business. They are hiring employees and managing cash flow.

Hiring seasonal staff

Today, the demand for game operators, ticket takers, food and beverage employees is rather high. What are their duties? Game operators usually have to describe types of games, supply customers with game equipment, distribute prizes and collect fees. Food and beverage employees usually have to prepare sandwiches and other meals, help about the kitchen, give change and clean the trailer at the end of the working day.

Involvement of seasonal staff in concession business is very responsible, and much more difficult than recruiting of candidates for full-time employment. Foreign students are ideal for seasonal work. They tend to earn money in summer to pay for schooling. Free board and lodging make this work for them even more attractive. They are easy-going, sociable, easily learn the new workplace. They are flexible, able to be on feet all day long and work quickly. Moreover, they may travel with the traveling carnival all summer. It is also an ideal opportunity to practice English and see the country for foreign students arriving to the United States on Work and Travel program and J1 Visa.

The chief goal of is to help U.S. Independent Rides, Concessions and other Outdoor Amusement Establishments to recruit hardworking seasonal staff. Contact us and will help you to hire foreign young people meeting your needs!

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