Planning and organizing major corporate conferences

Traditionally, summer time is a time when different-tier companies, trade associations and different unions organize member’s meetings in order to discuss some current company’s life events, to wage a high-quality coordination work and disclose ones strategic plans or managerial decisions. The number of the meetings’ participants can vary from a couple dozen (small companies) to thousandth, in the case if the meeting is organized by a large company or foundation.

In order to hold an effective meeting there should be an appropriate lodgment that meets all technical requirements and safety standards. It is also important to correctly calculate the required area of the conference room in order to get a maximum convenient accommodation of the participants.

Generally, a company is able to organize some minor corporate events with a minimal external support involvement.

Planning and organizing a major corporate event inevitably involves services which are provided by conference centers. The conference centers’ specifics are related to an accurate planning of all meetings’ phases, including its duration, accommodation of participants, providing different services (parking, meals), providing participants with the necessary equipment and thinking out the security issues.

Very often, the conferences are held during a couple of days and, as a rule, all guests are accommodated close to the conference venue. In such case, a hotel or a casino having an extensive services system, including a conference center service, is an optimal place to hold a conference. Such kind of choice is caused by the fact that this is the only possible way to provide optimal board and lodging conditions for all guests and quickly coordinate them.

Favorable conference holding places are hotels, casinos and resorts as well as specialized centers whose main activity is the corporate events organization. Such centers can vary widely in size, starting from small ones, which are designed for no more than 100 guests to house, to huge ones, which are able to accommodate up to 5,000 people.

So, because of the conferences’ seasonal nature, in order to provide their proper organization there is a need to enlist a large number of seasonal first level staff, like jockeys, waiters, cleaners, porters, assistants and etc.

There is good news! offers a seasonal employees recruiting service for USA conference centers. All our personnel have the right to officially work on the U.S. territory through the Work and Travel program, according to J1 visa. We carefully select all candidates with a glance to conference centers’ work specifics. All of them meet the service sector staff requirements. They all are fluent English speakers, communicative, psychologically flexible, friendly and active.

Seasonal employees have an opportunity to work within 4 months starting from June to September / October and have the legal authority for that.

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