Food servers

Need people to serve food to your guests? Try seasonal employees!

Summer is always a great, fun-filled time in the States. While most young Americans are on vacation, you still need good food servers to meet and serve your guests – and there is no shortage of guests during the warm months. It is important to pick the right people to fill your food server vacancies so that your guest service standards remain excellent.

There is an efficient solution available to you known as seasonal employment. Choose candidates for your open food server positions among energetic, outgoing, reliable exchange students who are enthusiastic about working in the States covering all your food server needs:

Never let the fun stop! Let exchange students serve food to your guests!

These tasks represent only a general range of duties performed by food servers. Exact procedures of your eatery may differ from these in a way, but it won't prevent you from enjoying the benefits of seasonal hiring. Partner with and select exactly the applicants you find appropriate from an extensive list of exchange students enthusiastic about working in a demanding American environment.

Register at this site, submit your needs to us, and don't worry about the rest. Just choose from the list of pre-qualified applicants all coming to the States for the summer under the J1 visa, and the paperwork will be our problem. Start now!

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