Not enough lifeguards? Seasonal hiring will hit the spot!

Summer is a period when pools, beaches and similar recreational venues receive peaking amounts of customers. Help your business run smooth and make sure all the safety precautions are observed by hiring extra lifeguards – a necessity many enterprises have to face after the warm season sets in. Lack locals to fill your lifeguard positions? Using seasonal employment is a perfect solution here. Keep your pools safe and nice by hiring exchange students as lifeguards for the summer.

With you will be able to choose among hundreds of fit, industrious candidates which come to the US under the J1 visa for a summer job. All the typical lifeguard duties will be fulfilled most diligently, including:

Keep the fun safe! Fill your lifeguard positions with international workers!

Whether you require lifeguards for pools and similar venues or for ocean beaches, is ready to match you with qualified, pre-screened candidates willing to get seasonal summer jobs in USA. No payment from your part as the employer is necessary.

Register right now, inform us about your requirements, and we will produce a list of fit, qualified, reliable exchange workers to fill your seasonal lifeguard positions. Why wait till summer kicks in when you can start taking care of your lifeguard needs right now? Register, and we do the rest!

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