Movers & Helpers

Feel the need for extra movers? Hire exchange students!

All across the States summer is a wonderful time to relax, have fun – and to move. Plenty of people plan ahead and schedule their moving or repairs for the warmer months. From the perspective of a moving and storage company, this means there is greater demand in summer, which brings you to the necessity of extra hiring.

While there may be little trouble for you employing additional moving workforce during the rest of the year, in summer it can be a bit of pain in the back. Fill your vacancies with seasonal employees from abroad to handle all the moving & storage duties which may arise in your work:

Fill your moving vacancies with willing foreign workers, hassle-free!

Why wait till the moving season starts when you can start choosing from physically able, qualified exchange students right now? means seasonal staffing made perfectly simple. Register at this site, inform us about your specific needs concerning your future moving staff, and select the candidates from the list of pre-screened applicants provided by us. There are plenty of energetic, hard-working international students participating in the Work and Travel USA program.

They legally enter the US under the J1 visa and are allowed to stay for the entire summer, working, learning, and enjoying the American life. So, give your business a summer boost, register now, and don't waste time!

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