J1 visa issuance condition in Russia & Ukraine in 2011

In view of economical state and high unemployment in the USA, American government has taken several decisions with a purpose to reduce the amount of J1 visa students who participate in Work and Travel USA program. These decisions primarily affect the students from Eastern Europe, especially from such countries as: Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. The students from these countries jointly make up 50% of the general amount of j1 visa students who arrive to the USA.

For instance, this year’s quota for Russia is 10 000 students, while it was approximately 30 000 students within the last few years.

Russia and Ukraine

About 60% of students from Russia and Ukraine currently get their visas after passing the interview in the embassy. Thereat the percentage of successful visa issuances will be decreasing day by day. We expect that possibly the final percentage of successful visa issuances will make up 30-40% summarizing the season results.

Asia and South America

If you are the employer who are hiring j1 visa students for your company and you have been left without several of your workers due to visa denials to the Russian or Ukrainian students, we are insistently recommending you to contact us as soon as possible on the issue of replacement of the students who have been forced to quit the program. We can replace them with the applicants from China, Mongolia, Columbia, Ecuador and Turkey – the students from these countries are getting their visas without any problems so far, and their percentage of successful visa issuances is significantly higher than 90% this year. Покупая диплом о среднем специальом образовании, Вы решили купить диплом техникума и правильно сделали, приобретайте дипломы техникумов тут!

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