proposes entry-level seasonal workers for American employers

If you run your business in the United States and if you are looking for extra-workers available from November/December till March/April, today is your lucky day! Since 2008 has been working with exchange students from the southern hemisphere of the Earth and we know everything about their capacities. Thousands of hard-working students arrive in late fall/winter to the USA mostly from Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Chile every year. They are ready to be involved into working processes, besides they are ready to get any job offers, even those that are not popular among the U.S. residents. For instance foreign exchange students can be perfect chambermaids, waiters, room attendants, housekeepers and so on.

Why is it important that we can provide the U.S. employers with temporary workers during winter months?

It is extremely essential for businessmen to have enough staff in their hotels and guest ranches during holiday time. Winter months are remunerative for businessmen who run their work in resorts like Park City and Snowbird (Utah), Jackson Hole (Wyoming), Breckenridge and Beaver Creek (Colorado). Many American people enjoy visiting these resorts from November through April, but there are not many of them who want to work there. It is also hard to find seasonal workers during winter months since most part of exchange students and seasonal workers from Europe and Asia come to the USA during summer vacations in their universities and colleges. Those students are unable to visit America in winter when American employers need them so much in winter resort towns. But the exchange students from the southern hemisphere are able to arrive in winter because of different education programs in their motherlands.

How does it work?

The professional team of elaborately analyzes the resumes of applicants and picks up those who fit better for specific employers. The businessmen and employers send us their requirements for their future workers so we are always able to make the best choice that will satisfy every applicant and hirer. And the key-moment is that our services are absolutely free for US-based businesses! All foreign students arrive to America with J1 Visa which indicates that they are entitled to work in the USA legally during the months marked in their documents. This means that you can get perfect seasonal staff with no additional expenses! Apply now to get benefits of this fantastic proposal and join the team of our partners today! палочка доянь чка купить

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