Wait Staff

More waiters required? Fill wait staff positions with seasonal workers!

If your business is running a restaurant, you must be aware of the fact that many similar venues require extra stuff during the holiday season - most importantly, waiters. Do you need extra workers to care for the visitors of your eatery and make sure everything works nicely and smoothly? If so, seasonal hiring will suit perfectly, filling your open wait staff positions with willing international students, helping you optimize your expenses and add a multicultural flavor to your venue.

Jobofer.org is ready to fill your wait staff vacancies with hard-working international students who will willingly perform all the wait staff duties, including:

Don't let your clients wait! Use seasonal wait staff!

With seasonal hiring opportunities opening for you when you partner with Jobofer.org, you will never have any problems filling your summer wait staff positions with exchange students willing to work in the US. Coming to the States under the J1 visa, these international workers are qualified for working as waiters and are enthusiastic about working in America.

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