Want to find out whether your business can use foreign seasonal employees?

Typically, these positions in your company can be filled with seasonal exchange students:

Interested but not sure where to start? Let Jobofer.org handle your seasonal staffing processes! Feel free to browse the sections of our site in case you have any questions about The Work and Travel USA Program, the J1 Visa, or anything else concerning hiring foreign students.

What are the benefits of partnering with Jobofer.org when you decide on international seasonal staffing?

1. Years of experience
With years of successful experience in the field (we've been hiring foreign students for US businesses since 2003), we have fine-tuned the process of matching employers with dependable applicants to perfection.

2. No costs and no troubles
It does not cost anything, and it requires virtually no attention from your part. You pay no fees, review the applications we send, and we do the rest for you. It's not only free, but hassle-free, too!

3. Your needs are top priority
Jobofer.org is committed to delivering personalized service to all the employers. A dedicated manager finds out about all the needs you have and matches you with 100% pre-screened, qualified, worthy applicants. We also provide full support to employers and employees throughout the entire program.

4. Only worthy applicants
All the applicants are comprehensively screened and oriented. All of them are responsible, result-oriented, industrious, and realistic in their expectations. It's part of the program to test the applicants for English fluency.

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