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Seasonal staff for Casino

Being the world`s metropolis of gambling industry and commercial casinos the USA attracts millions of tourists presented by experienced players and newcomers coming to try luck by giving a twiddle to roulette, playing poker or slot machines like “one-armed bandit”, shooting dice. A regular paradise for gambler! A great number of casinos are located in Nevada, actually in all towns, cities and villages of that state, incl. Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City. Read more.

Let hard work becomes easy with the help of seasonal workers!

If your business concerns construction industry you should know that normally workers and builders have quite a tight schedule. Sometimes crew has to wait until some other work is done in the result of which the main work goes not as quick as desired. But experienced managers know how to reduce time losses – they use flexible schedule of work and various number of workers on different stages of building. That’s why there are so many representatives of construction industry among the partners of – and all of them choose seasonal employees! Efficient use of craftsmen, seasonal aid of numerous crew assistants in solving physically hard and routine work – all these make construction industry more profitable.

How to find seasonal staff for the ranch?

No doubt that Guest ranch can be profitable business in any season. They attract guests with excellent service, modern and comfortable accommodation conditions and some kind of exotic. Here every person can feel like a real cowboy living on an excellent ranch. It’s a splendid opportunity for family vacation, kids activities and single tourism. Fishing, dancing, horse riding, hiking and boating! Where else can one get the whole package, except Dude Ranch? Read more.

Looking for Moving and Storage Seasonal Workers? Make it Easier with us!

Moving and storage business is not at all like other types of business; first of all - due to its seasonal type. These services are mostly demanded in summer as this is the time when most people move from one place to another; most reconstruction works start in summer bringing about the necessity of moving the construction equipment and materials; hotels and cafes start their tourist season and are in need for moving and storage services too. Thus, the moving and storage companies don't have to employ big staff all year round but in summer their need for this kind of employees increases greatly.

Seasonal workers for Seafood Plants in the United States of America

Our company is proud to announce that now the process of employees search has become easier than ever. This is a great proposal for Seafood Plants of the United States which often require seasonal workers for their businesses. Due to specific character of fish market and because of seasonal variations of offer and demand for seafood, most Seafood Plants often have an urgent need for seasonal workers. The good part is the fact that it is possible to predict approximate quantity of additional workers that will be essential at different working places during different periods of the year. But there is also a bad part… Most of the U.S. residents seek for a permanency and are not satisfied with temporary job offers at Seafood Plants. Read more...

Solution to Your Seasonal Staffing Needs 2011

We are very glad to inform you that our starts to recruit J-1 Visa students - candidates for participating in Work Travel USA 2011 Program. You are very welcome to inform us about your staffing needs for season 2011. To work with us this season please update your hiring needs here. If it's your first time here, you will need to complete our short On-Line Employer Registration Form. Our Winter students will be available from November 2010 till March, then from March till June and Summer time - June through September 2011.

Have a great summer!

From 13 to 31 August team will be on vacation. We would like to thank all our employers and business-partners having used our services. We wish all of you guys to have fun and enjoy your time, have wonderful impressions of your summer 2010! We look forward to hearing from you soon with your experiences, stories and pictures. Job vacancies for the Work and Travel USA 2011 will be updated from September/October this year.

The most efficient way to fill seasonal vacancies in restaurant business

Get tired of paying recruiting agencies to hire seasonal restaurant staff? But still want to take on hard-working, sociable and motivated servitorials? Get wise to make your restaurant business successful, hiring international exchange students without charge!

You should consider the appropriate motivation system for your temporary employees if you wish your company to be a success in the market

Once you faced the problem of hiring seasonal employees for your business, requiring extra hands in peak seasons, you have to make the most of the expenses you are taking. Looking for workforce, employers hire frequently students providing entry-level positions for them and offering them construction, open air and tourism jobs.

Seasonal Employee recruitment for Country Inns and Suites

Running your own business is always a big deal. Success in business depends on many things, and reliable staff is one of them. Whether you are running a hotel or a restaurant, sooner or later the time comes to engage employees: hosts, waiters, drivers, dishwashers etc. The people you hire interact with customers, represent your company, and project its image. No doubt every business owner would prefer qualified staff, to make the services qualitative and attractive for clients.