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Need construction work done in summer? Foreign workers suit perfectly!

If you are in the construction business, you have probably noticed that summer is the season when there's plenty of work to do while many businesses are lacking manpower. Did you know there are hundreds of international exchange students coming to the States during summer under the J1 visa seeking entry level jobs and great American experiences?

Let seafood processing run smooth, seasonal hiring will do the trick!

Are you looking forward to the fishing season? Your salmon processing plant is ready to work, but are you sure you have enough staff to handle the seafood processing? The time is now! Hire extra seafood handles and salmon processors among international students coming to spend their summer working for US-based businesses.

Feel the need for extra movers? Hire exchange students!

All across the States summer is a wonderful time to relax, have fun – and to move. Plenty of people plan ahead and schedule their moving or repairs for the warmer months. From the perspective of a moving and storage company, this means there is greater demand in summer, which brings you to the necessity of extra hiring.

Need people to serve food to your guests? Try seasonal employees!

Summer is always a great, fun-filled time in the States. While most young Americans are on vacation, you still need good food servers to meet and serve your guests – and there is no shortage of guests during the warm months. It is important to pick the right people to fill your food server vacancies so that your guest service standards remain excellent.

Looking for hard-working maintenance staff? Seasonal hiring is the answer!

If you run a facility which requires maintenance work done on a regular basis, you may know what a shortage of maintenance workers feels like in summer. More customers start coming, and you want your facility to run as smooth as it is only possible. Typically, there is a certain amount of minor repairs, cleaning, and inspection to be done whatever kind of venue you operate. Seasonal hiring helps you concentrate on strategic business decisions and perfect customer service.

More waiters required? Fill wait staff positions with seasonal workers!

If your business is running a restaurant, you must be aware of the fact that many similar venues require extra stuff during the holiday season - most importantly, waiters. Do you need extra workers to care for the visitors of your eatery and make sure everything works nicely and smoothly? If so, seasonal hiring will suit perfectly, filling your open wait staff positions with willing international students, helping you optimize your expenses and add a multicultural flavor to your venue.

Not enough lifeguards? Seasonal hiring will hit the spot!

Summer is a period when pools, beaches and similar recreational venues receive peaking amounts of customers. Help your business run smooth and make sure all the safety precautions are observed by hiring extra lifeguards – a necessity many enterprises have to face after the warm season sets in. Lack locals to fill your lifeguard positions? Using seasonal employment is a perfect solution here. Keep your pools safe and nice by hiring exchange students as lifeguards for the summer.

Let your dishes always shine in the sun, hire exchange workers!

Are you running a bar or a restaurant with a need of extra dishwashing staff during the buzz season? Looking for hard-working, reliable dishwashers to cover your seasonal needs? Partner with and hire foreign exchange students who are perfectly aware of dishwasher chores.

Need more retail staff? Seasonal employment is the right answer!

Here it does not really matter whether you are running a boardwalk gift shop or a large store. Bigger and smaller retail businesses experience the same need for extra retail people during summer, the season when sales are in full swing under the warm rays of the sun.

Ride operators

Are you operating in the field of bringing happiness and joy to people? If so, you certainly wouldn't like to lack stuff during the warmer months, the most fun-filled part of the year. It does not matter how large your park or amusement place is.