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Let your eatery run smooth while others suffer from lack of kitchen help!

Are you running a successful restaurant, a cafe, or a fast food eatery? Whatever the exact nature of your food business is, probably summer months are the busiest of all. You don't have to lose money because of lack of stuff to handle all the kitchen help duties that arise in large amounts.

Did you know exchange students can make perfect housekeeping for your enterprise?

Isn't it great to see more and more people coming to your hotel, lodge, or inn during the buzz months of the hot season? Many businesses of this kind face staff shortages at this period, resulting in housekeeping duties being neglected by the lacking personnel.

Work And Travel USA

The Work and Travel USA is a program ran by the United States government. Under this program, international students can legally enter the US for 4 months during their vacations and work for US employers. This program is beneficial both for US-based businesses who use seasonal staffing to cover their rising work force needs during the busy month, and for students who get a perspective on American culture, travel, and earn money. Thousands of overseas students have been enrolled in this program since it was started.

J-1 visa

The J-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to the participants of Summer Work/Travel program which welcomes international students to work in the US during summer months learning about the country and promoting cultural exchange.

Dude Ranches, Guest Ranches, and Seasonal Hiring

Though there are guest ranches which welcome visitors all year round, many traditional ranch destinations are open in summer only. This means that as more visitors come during the summer months, and consequently more staff is required to serve the needs of nostalgic-minded tourists. Recruit foreign exchange students as seasonal employees and fill your seasonal entry level positions with smart, hard-working, result-committed young people from abroad.

Retail Industry

Seasonal staffing is a great solution for retail industry where seasonal factors make employers seek extra workers. Higher customer demand during the busy months and staff being on vacation are among the reasons retail businesses like supermarkets, discount stores, apparel stores etc contact to have their summer vacancies filled. International students seeking seasonal jobs are energetic, good at communication, and they speak good English.

Alaska Jobs

Many of the Alaska industries are peaking in summer, including salmon fishing, seafood and salmon processing, hospitality, all kinds of production etc. Many businesses use seasonal staffing and hire students for entry level Alaska jobs; and many students, including international exchange students, come to Alaska and become part of the fishing industry, attracted by earning potential, enriching environment, and plenty of learning.

General Labor

Many companies may seek extra help and have general labor job opportunities. This need may depend less on the time of the year than typical season jobs, yet it is still a great idea to use seasonal workers for moving, packing, warehouse work, construction work, and many more. It is economically advantageous, and this adds to the positive atmosphere in your firm. It does not matter what kind of general labor you want your seasonal workers to do. has tons of experience in assisting American businesses with their seasonal staffing processes, and that includes a variety of general labor positions.

Seasonal Staffing for the Amusement Industry

Summer is just the right season to have fun, and it means more people will love to visit your amusement venue. Whether you are running an amusement park, a water park, a concessions, a golf club, a circus, a zoo, or anything else where people come to enjoy themselves, it's a great idea not to miss the opportunities of the season and hire international seasonal workers to cover your growing staffing needs. It's truly the right choice to fill the positions you require with young, optimistic, fun-loving people from abroad who are committed to learning, earning, and adding value to your business.

Seasonal Staffing for the Hospitality Industry

Summer is a great season to enjoy life, travel, and check out the wide range of options offered by the hospitality industry which includes hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, b&b hotels, country inns & suits, conference centers, fast foods, and more. Do you run a business in the hospitality industry? Why don't you plan for the frantic season ahead and prepare for the rising demand by using seasonal workers?