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Seasonal employees for the conference centers

Traditionally, summer time is a time when different-tier companies, trade associations and different unions organize member’s meetings in order to discuss some current company’s life events, to wage a high-quality coordination work and disclose ones strategic plans or managerial decisions. The number of the meetings’ participants can vary from a couple dozen (small companies) to thousandth, in the case if the meeting is organized by a large company or foundation.

Looking for Reliable seasonal staff – we are at your disposal

There is no lack of pretenders and/or potential employees for positions in hotel and restaurant business on summer, but only a little part of them do meet all the requirements, such as...

Independence Day - July 4, 2010

Dear employers! We congratulate you on the Independence Day and wish you to have successful and fruitful activity this summer! Our team thanks you for being our partners this season and we hope that our collaboration has brought prosperity to your business! We are always ready for cooperation with our old and new friends and we are always looking for development of new ideas that are able to meet requirements of American employers who work closely with us.

Legal international winter seasonal staff for your business in the USA

If you run your business in the United States and if you are looking for extra-workers available from November/December till March/April, today is your lucky day! Since 2008 has been working with exchange students from the southern hemisphere of the Earth and we know everything about their capacities. Thousands of hard-working students arrive in late fall/winter to the USA mostly from Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile every year.

Tax Calculator – Tax Benefits

Did you know seasonal hiring could save you money? You can actually save money on your payroll tax by hiring J1 students and letting them do seasonal jobs for your business! For your convenience, we have implemented this Tax Calculator. You don’t have to go hit or miss or spend money on legal advice. With’s Tax Calculator, accurate numbers are at your fingertips.

Countries of student enrollment

Students from both the northern and the southern hemispheres apply legibly for Work and Travel USA program. Check the interactive map below to see the statistics for participating countries gathered 2006 through 2009.

Jobseekers - Information for J1 Students and WaT Agencies

Are you a student participating in the Work and Travel USA program under the J1 visa? If you are looking for seasonal work, we are ready to help you along the entire way. We help hundreds of students find their perfect jobs in spring, summer and winter as well. Whether you are an individual student or an agency, we are prepared to provide you with competent assistance.

Cutting Your Costs and Surviving the Crunch - Saving Money During Crisis

Credit crunch has hit us all. While the government is busy helping the big guys out with bailout packages, smaller sized businesses have to take smart decisions, cut costs, and generally do everything to keep their enterprise running.

The Results of the Year 2008 - helps the American business to satisfy its needs in seasonal staff

The Work and Travel USA program program is extremely popular in Russia and Eastern European countries and its popularity continue to increase.

What is SEVIS?

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a computer system that monitors all aliens on the USA territory, including J1 Visa holders. Work and Travel program participants are obliged to register in SEVIS during 10-20 days since their program start date (depends on Sponsor requirements). Registration (by Internet or phone call) should be done by the students themselves.